It’s been a while

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Holy shit, take nine years off from blogging, and the whole freaking world changed. Or did it?

In February 2012 (my last post), Tom Brady was in the Super Bowl.

This year? Same.

In 2012, well-known celebrities died.

This year? Same.

In 2012, half of us didn’t like the most recently elected president

Now? Half of us don’t like the most recently elected* president.

*yeah, I know, I know. But that’s a whole other can of worms that I’ll leave to Dr. Briggs or someone. We’re apolitical here.

What else hasn’t changed?

The sun still rises every morning while I’m out walking, and still sets every evening. Although now I usually see that sunset from my home office. #ZoomLife #WFH

There’s still good music coming out:

As well as some greats who are no longer putting out good music, for varied reasons:


You’re an entertainer, not my conscience. Shut up and play.


But all that said, of course some things have changed in the last almost decade.

  • My beard is this funny color now. Not black. Not brown. Not sure what this is called, but I am pretty sure I don’t like it.
  • Mrs. Marky Mark started and finished grad school, and is running her own successful practice. The kids and I are super proud of her.
  • #1 son is headed to college.
  • #1 daughter is out on her own, living the southern California life.
  • I learned to bake sourdough. Nothing special there…so did half the country.
  • Speaking of which, I heard there’s some sort of flu or something going around that a bunch of people are worried about?


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